Prospect Park Yoga Summer 2019 Series

Prospect Park Yoga Summer 2019 Series

Prospect Park Yoga Summer 2019 Series

Join me on August 29 for a FREE yoga class in Brooklyn’s beautiful Prospect Park! Celebrate the expansive vibe of summer by moving and stretching under the setting sun!


This series draws hundreds of Brooklynites, of all experience levels, to celebrate and experience yoga and wellness in our treasured park. To participate in the Prospect Park Yoga Series you MUST rsvp and acknowledge the waiver prior to your first class! Register below:

DIRECTIONS: Enter the park at Grand Army Plaza, Garfield, or 3rd St. Proceed to Long Meadow and look for the sea of mats. Bring your own mat and water bottle plus a friend or two!

Prospect Park Yoga was launched in 2008 by Bend + Bloom Yoga's founder, Amy Quinn Suplina. Located in the heart of Park Slope, Bend + Bloom offers over 65 yoga classes every week, including high-quality adult classes for all levels, yoga for kids, and a robust pre- and post-natal program led by some of the area's most skilled teachers. Bend + Bloom, New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, and Prospect Park Alliance believe that yoga should be accessible for all. The Prospect Park Yoga series is infused with a spirit of welcome for all levels and backgrounds.

Prospect Park Alliance is the non-profit organization that sustains, restores and advances Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s Backyard, for the benefit of the diverse communities that call Brooklyn home. The Alliance provides critical staff and resources that keep the Park green and vibrant. We welcome you to get involved and support the park at

Freedom Fridays Open Flow @ Bend and Bloom


Join me for Freedom Friday’s at Bend and Bloom as we break down the movement possibilities of the spine, hips, hamstrings and the mind. Yes, the mind can stretch! : )

For each of the next 3 Fridays, go on a new movement journey with me. We’ll unpack movement myths and habitual patterns and discover the range of our potential. Enjoy fun movement explorations, drills and flows set to a sweet summer playlist, reminding us of the freedom we have to play!

7/26-Free Your Spine

8/2-Free Your Hips

8/9-Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

PUT THE FREE IN FREEDOM: If you’ve been to Bend and Bloom before, bring a friend w ho is new to B&B for FREE! Free guests register at the front desk the day of the class. Come early as space is limited! 7:30 pm-8:45 pm. Click the link below to register.

Awakening the Divine Feminine: Goddesses of the Trinity/Change of Date!!

Awakening the Divine Feminine: Goddesses of the Trinity

It's Spring and that means that Shakti is alive and in full bloom, expressing herself through the richness and vibrancy of this season! 
Awaken the Divine Feminine in you through devotional singing and chanting, yoga asana, journaling and meditation. Goddesses in Hinduism are the representation of Shakti, the feminine source of power in the universe.
In this workshop you'll learn the mantras of the three main Goddesses: Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga, who represent creation, preservation and transformation. Explore your relationship to creativity, abundance and gratitude, and your connection to the divine by releasing what no longer serves you, removing the veils to your highest light and truest creative expression.
When: Saturday, June 8. 2:00-4:30 pm
Where: Greene Moments Studio.
216 Greene Avenue. BK, NY 11238
Cost: $25

*Space is limited to 12 participants. Pre-registration is encouraged

Register Here

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Sunset Stretch: Free Weekly Yoga Outdoors in Brooklyn!!!


Join me for Sunset Stretch: Free Weekly Yoga Outdoors in the Myrtle Avenue Plaza in Brooklyn, Tuesday evenings at 7pm for a sweet one hour practice rooted in the theme of Purpose!

May 7th and 14th Led by Stephanie Battle of Sacred Brooklyn
May 21st and 28th Led by Aqila Norris of Sacred Brooklyn
BYOM (Bring your own mat!)
Meet the instructor in the Myrtle Avenue Plaza, near the intersection of Myrtle and Steuben. Classes will be held near the small stage.

And . . . The FREE Yoga continues . . . Join yoga instructors from Move With Grace every Tuesday through the month of June!

*This series is presented by the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership and sponsored by MedRite Urgent Care
Classes may be canceled due to rain. On the day of a class, please check @myrtleavebklyn on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for the latest info. For more details go to:

New Beginnings!

Sacred Brooklyn Yoga Studio in Bed-Stuy will be closing its doors on March 24 , 2019 after eight incredible years of serving the Brooklyn community. It has been such an honor to have been part of its legacy!

Lots of folks are mourning the closure and are wondering what will happen next. Asking the questions, “Where will I go to practice yoga now? Where will I hang out? What will happen to this community?” Many of my students have been practicing with me for 5+ years. And although the studio does carry a special energy and is filled with amazing history, I believe it’s the people who make a space what it is! Under the direction of Dara G Cole, the studio has flourished because of her unflinching commitment to diversity, respect, individuality, connection, inclusivity and fun! Dara and I created a yoga teacher training program built on these principles and I’m happy to say that Sacred’s mission is reflected through its teachers . . . now, mostly graduates of our teacher training program. We’ve become one big family expanding our message as our graduates have opened their own studios, and are leading and sharing yoga and movement in all kinds of ways and in various venues.

I’m collaborating with studio owner and friend, Ngone Mbaye of Greene Moments Studio and will be leading a few classes at her studio to accommodate my long-time students at Sacred Brooklyn Bed-Stuy, as we move through next shift. Change is inevitable, but can also be jarring and disruptive, always teaching us and offering new ways for us to be! Sometimes we can prepare for change and in those moments, there’s an opportunity to make it graceful. My partnership with Greene Moments is born out of this wish.

Please join me at Greene Moments Studio beginning April 2!

216 Greene Avenue

Tuesday: 12:00-1:15 pm-Vinyasa Flow

Thursday: 10:30 am-11:45 am-Foundations


Prospect Park Yoga Series

"Our inner light expands when we release the boundaries of separation and move with the knowledge that we are both creator and creation itself."



Sacred Studio Brooklyn has been selected to be a participant in the Prospect Park Yoga Series in collaboration with Bend and Bloom and Lululemon. What an honor it is to share the gift of yoga with my Brooklyn yoga community in one of my favorite parks ever! Join me for a FREE outdoor practice rooted in the embodiment of Radiance. Thursday, August 23 from 7-8pm. Move and play in this gorgeous and expansive space of Prospect Park's Long Meadow with your fellow BK yogis!. Go to to view the full schedule and sign the waiver. 


This Woman's Work: Warrior Status

As a woman in my late 40's I feel like I've earned the title of Warrior. When I think about a warrior, I think about a person who endures the bumps in the road of life with grace, who can see challenges as an opportunity for growth and is not afraid of vulnerability.

Warrior X 2.jpg


In the last few years, I've stepped into a phase of life called Peri-Menopause. It's the stage before menopause-a term given to women who are no longer menstruating. The symptoms of Peri-Menopause can begin in one's early 40's and can last for several years. Many women experience depression, anxiety, mind fog, low libido, muscle aches and pains, migraines, and hemorrhoids, all due to changes in the balance of our hormones. Most women go about their days as if nothing has changed, but are often deeply affected by these symptoms. The range of symptoms and their intensity differ from woman to woman and as profound as this shift is, the experience is shrouded in silence. My own mother's transition into menopause was pretty seamless, so although we're close and talk about just about everything under the sun, this hasn't been an experience we've been able to really connect on.

As a yoga teacher, I'm often the one who people come to, to confide in and to receive guidance from. But the cool thing about getting older is that we get to tap into the Warrior, the Trimurti of the Divine Feminine--Saraswati (The creator), Lakshmi (preserver/protector) and Durga (destroyer) When we embrace these divine energies, we recognize our ability to hold space for others but we also invite love, connection, and sweetness in abundance. We accept our vulnerability as a source of power. Our discernment also sharpens, giving  us the ability to release what we don't need and to be nourished only by what strengthens and supports us.

On Sunday, February 25 I'll be leading a FREE Restorative Yoga workshop for women experiencing the symptoms of Peri-Menopause. In the workshop, we'll come together and share our stories in a sacred circle, dive in to a brief meditation and then explore restorative yoga poses that support our experience. We'll seal our time together chanting the names of the Divine Feminine, celebrating our power.

If you are experiencing peri- menopausal symptoms and would like to attend the workshop, please message me here. This workshop will hopefully be one of many, creating a support system filled with love and wisdom.

What: This Woman's Work Restorative Yoga Workshop

When: Sunday, February 25. 4:00-5:30 pm

Where: Sacred Brooklyn Ft. Greene 334 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Fear as a Companion and Other Musings on Charged! The Podcast

Charged Podcast Photo.jpg


Fear will always be a companion on this journey but it doesn’t have to steer the ship! Our presence and curiosity, and our commitment to mindful engagement in each moment will usually put fear in its rightful place! I recently had the honor of being asked by the lovely Ashley Newsome to be a guest on her amazing and informative podcast Charged! Being notoriously shy, I was ready to pass on the invitation. But I saw an opportunity to move beyond my own fear and discomfort and simply share my journey. And what a joy the experience was!! Episode 7 was just released on Tuesday! I share openly, the struggles of my youth, my journey as a dancer/singer/actor/performer, my transition into teaching yoga, and what’s coming next. I hope you’ll take some time out to listen! Many thanks to Ashley and Sheelagh for being such great hosts. It was such a pleasure. Click on the link below to listen! And look out for future podcasts from Charged!

The Divine Harvest: Kapha Season @ Stellar Yoga Space

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Winter is here and you may find that the dark, cold, quiet of the season slows you down a bit. Your To Do list may seem more difficult to tackle. And the pull to turn inward may be stronger. We are in the rhythm of nature's cycle, where the qualities of cold, heavy, wet and dark are most prominent. In Ayurveda, this is known as Kapha season. To counteract these qualities, the opposite is often introduced.
The Divine Harvest brings together Brooklyn teachers, studio owners, wellness practitioners, culinary artists and musicians to explore, as a community, healthy practices for a healthy lifestyle. Throughout this series we'll explore fun and effective ways to create balance and harmony by inviting more warmth, levity, light and movement into our lives!

Tuesday Evenings/6:30-9:00pm
@ Stellar Yoga Space 915 Fulton Street 2nd fl. Brooklyn, NY 11238

February 21: Playful Flow Yoga and Kombucha Party w/Ashleigh (live music!)

February 28: Fierce Flow Yoga and Flower Essences w/Lindsay of Oceans and

March 21: Bhakti Flow Yoga and Ayurveda w/Keshari of Sangha Ayurveda


March 28: Fire Flow Yoga and Tapas w/Harvest and Revel Caterers

Join me for this amazing four part series!! Register HERE. Space is limited!


Stand Up for Standing Rock #NODAPL

No DAPL is winning!! We’ve stood in solidarity with the water protectors, and finally our voices have been heard! But the water protectors are still standing and we’re standing with them! We’re putting our energy and funds towards the Water Protector Legal Collective to insure the legal protection of the land and its indigenous people. Please join us for an evening of yoga, ritual, sacred song, meditation and conversation by donation at Sacred Brooklyn. $25 Suggested donation. Sacred Brooklyn 197 Clifton Place Bk, NY 11216


The Divine Harvest @ Motherboard BK

The Divine Harvest @ Motherboard BK

I don't know about you-but Fall/Vata season's already got me like whoa!! Want to find fun and creative ways to ground, be present and enjoy this time of year? Join me for a month long immersive series at MotherboardBK featuring yoga, flower essences, teas, organic wines, locally sourced organic food and ayurvedic consultations. Live music, surprise musicians and guests! Sign up today. Space is limited.

The Messiah Complex

THE MESSIAH COMPLEX (A Brooklyn BRIClab World Premiere) is a black queer origin story about the legacy of the Panthers in the age of crack.
You can call it a play, a coming of identity story, a portal to other worlds and realms of experience. No matter what or how this amazing production hits you its gonna be DOPE! Think Orishas guiding a young masculine identifying girl into her adulthood through the age of crack, the black panther movement and the healing of her parents past. Past and present intermingles as it makes you question your own experience of Black Life.
Get your tickets for the production before May 13th and support Messiah Complex to get a 5th show at BRIC!

For Tix & Info click here

The Wonder-Full Playground

We are not human beings having a spiritual experiencE.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

At our very core there is only light. And out of our desire for experience and connection comes all the different colors of the world we create.  We don't realize it, but every moment we are choosing. We choose our partners, lovers, friends, careers, homes, pets. We choose to engage or retreat. We choose our attachments and aversions. We even choose joy or sadness. 

The chakra system, which is part of the subtle body system gives us insight into our personality. It is the playground from which we experience life! There are typically 7 chakras in the Hindu system which run along the length of the spine from base to crown. Each one is associated with an element and move from gross to subtle. (earth to ether) Becoming familiar with each one of these energy centers can give us a lot of information about how we engage with the world. The lower chakras embody the qualities of safety, trust, emotional intelligence, malleability, personal power and confidence. The higher chakras embody the qualities of love, compassion, communication, clarity of mind and insight. Our language reflects the connection we have with these energy centers. When we say, "I'm going to go with my gut!" or "my heart sank when I heard the news." and another, "I swallowed my words." The playground of the chakras can tell us where we feel most comfortable engaging from and the places that feel less accessible to us. 

Looking at our bodies as a source of exploration and play can shift our perspective and bring a sense of curiosity and wonder to the challenges we face. And hopefully it inspires us to celebrate the very unique and beautiful ways we continue to evolve ever outward from the source of light.

The Wonder-Full Playground is an opportunity to explore the chakra system and the unique ways we engage, through the physical yoga practice, free expression/play, chanting, meditation, journaling and group discussion.

Please join me and Elani on February 20 from 12-3 at Sacred Brooklyn for what promises to be a rich and playful afternoon! Click here to sign up.



Awakening: A Women's Retreat in the Catskills. Friday, May 22-Monday May 25

Join me, Stephanie Battle and Lyn-z Fauntleroy of Oceans and Rivers for an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend! Retreat with us in the tranquility of a breathtaking 320-acre Catskills forest preserve while exploring the depths of the mind-body-spirit. Awaken to Abundance, Desire, Power, Love, Truth, Clarity and Purpose as we journey through the chakras.

Immerse yourself in a soul-powered weekend of yoga, meditation, magic and spirit medicine. Come inspired. Leave transformed! Stay tuned. Registration begins March 15!!

Sacred Brooklyn Welcomes Kirtan Soul Revival Jan. 25!!

Kirtan Soul Revival is in the house!! Get your Bhakti (yoga of devotion) glow on with this beautiful and wonderfully dynamic group of kirtan artists!! Chant and sing along call and response style. Embody the qualities of love, courage, creativity and abundance. Share your unique voice and let your heart and soul sing in this very special community (Come-Unity) gathering!

Join us Sunday, January 25 from 5-6:30 pm. $10 suggested donation

Sacred Brooklyn

197 Clifton Place, Brooklyn NY 11216