Stephanie's delivery and attention to detailed descriptions of where the releasing, tension, softening, lengthening and placement should occur in each pose allowed me to focus on a depth that was fresh to me. It allowed expansion and enlightening in places that had been bound for years.

- Reginald Crump (Monstah Black), Artist

Stephanie Battle is a wonder. She possesses what I call medicine in motion through her yoga. Her approach to yoga is highly specialized; targeting integrity in every pose while maintaining a commitment to your own personal pace. You'll walk away from her class feeling reconnected and grateful you carved out that time for yourself.

- Kim Hill, Artist/Singer/DJ

I was looking for someone who could facilitate my dance students in beginning their day with an earnest place of mental and emotional clarity. It was important that this person naturally aim to educate and cultivate individuals in connecting to their deeper self.  Stephanie Battle’s yoga class not only accomplished that but also became a rich serene foundation that prepared students to explore dynamic visceral movement throughout the three weeks of my Summer Intensive Project.

- Nathan Trice, Artistic Director of nathantrice/RITUALS project-by-project dance theater

Stephanie is my favorite kind of teacher, one that encourages learning on many different levels, all at the same time. She blends a mastery of form and mechanics with an inviting and sincere approach to meditation that leaves me thoroughly worked out in mind, body, and spirit. By learning from Stephanie, my yoga practice is stronger and more seamless and I have grown more gratitude, compassion, and creativity within myself. 

- Diana Law, student

Stephanie's classes are akin to being on a beautiful journey whilst fully supported and inspired by your guide. Her style, essence and passion for what she does shines through with each word and pose she ushers her students through. It was while in one of Stephanie's classes that I became absolutely certain of my desire to become a yoga teacher. That was unequivocally due to her grace, power and fortitude. Her roots as a dancer are omnipresent throughout her classes, and her attention to detail unwavering, and so appreciated. There is this deep well of selflessness and commitment to her students in the room that leaves one feeling all at once held, nourished, and pushed to your absolute limit.. She is like no other, and I feel so lucky to have her in my circle of yoga mentors. 

- Mariyam, Sacred 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate 2014