It was Stephanie’s dancing spirit and love of movement that brought her to yoga. A graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Dance, Stephanie began practicing yoga in 2001 while performing in The Lion King on Broadway. What started as a way of preparing the body for daily performances, soon became a way of life.

Martha Graham once described dancers as athletes of God. Closely connected to the idea of dance being a spiritual practice as well as a physical one, the transition from dance to yoga as a career path was a natural one.

One of Stephanie’s favorite sutras from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is sthira sukham asanam…”Asana is a steady, comfortable posture”, essentially the balance of opposites. (sun/moon, earth/sky, inertia/activity, stability/sweetness etc.)

Body braced for severe scoliosis (curvature of the spine) from age 12 to 20, doctors dissuaded Stephanie’s ambitions to become a dancer. But this is where the yoga began. Understanding life’s balance at a young age, Stephanie agreed to wear the brace but still danced a few days a week over those eight years to find the freedom of her spirit. It was this idea of rising from a place of stability that fueled her work as an artist and teacher in the years that followed.

Stephanie received her 200 Hour Yoga certification in 2010 from Yoga to the People and has her 300 Hour Yoga certification from Sonic Yoga. Stephanie holds a Restorative Yoga certification from Bend and Bloom with Marlie McGovern and a Yoga Nidra certification from Ishta Yoga by way of Mona Anand. Teachers who’ve influenced and inspired her teaching are Nadiya Nottingham (Integral Yoga), Sam Chase (Yoga to the People), Shiva Rea, Johanna Bell, Lauren Hanna, Jeffrey Scott Duvall and Dara Cole (Sacred Brooklyn).

Stephanie is currently the Director of Teacher Training at Sacred Brooklyn in Bed-Stuy. She leads workshops throughout New York and also teaches privately. Stephanie’s classes are rooted in alignment and stability, but are also an exploration of creativity, freedom and personal expression, meeting each student where they are.